White Orpington????

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  1. m0n77

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    Feb 28, 2016
    Around 3 weeks ago I brought home 10 new chicks from Agway. Three of those ten were supposed to be a Red Star, White Orpington, and a Buff Rock. They were all blond as chicks and are just now starting to feather out. I was alarmed when I saw that I didn't have a white chick but then realized that my Rhode Island Reds started off brown then became red. I wouldn't be surprised if they messed up the order because they have done this in the past, I just want to know if I have one of each. The pictures below are captioned with what I think they are and what they should be. Thanks!!!!

    White Orpington?


    Red Star?


    Buff Rock?


    ****They are all pictures of different chicks

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    The first 2 could be buff Rocks. Next 2 could be red sex links (red stars). None are white Orpingtons.
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    agree with that

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