?? White Palms hens not laying this year ??


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Oct 29, 2007
I have a trio of White Palms. Last year they were laying eggs but they have not layed one single egg this year. Does anyone have any ideas on why? They are fed chicken layer pellets with bread, veggies, grass clippings on a regular basis as treats. My Narraganset Turkey are laying fine. Any ideas.
Any one have any ideas? I really like them and do not want to have to cull them but I don't want to feed them forever with nothing coming back. What I don't understand is that last year they did lay. Just this year they are not.
Hello, about this time of year, you will not longer be getting turkey eggs or are just about finishing up.....

Did they not lay at all?

Please post how old they are

What are you feeding them?

Any change in their behavior...

Have you tried mating them with another jake.

Thanks and have a great day.
No, they did not lay at all this year. They did last year. They would have turned 3 this year. They eat chicken layer pellets will treats such as grass clipping, bread etc.... My Narragansetts that are on the same diet did great. No they are in by themselves so the White Palm male is the only tom they have.
I had the Same thing happen with my palms for 2 yrs in a row, my proven pair(white palm tom and regular palm hen), proven successful breeders and parents and then for 2 seasons I did not get a single egg from the hen...... After owning these birds for almost 5 yrs(I hatched them) I finally decided to get rid of them. I was really looking forward to breeding more white palms.
What is a white Palm? Does someone have a picture? Did you hatch out this white palm, is it a sport? We have never had anything hatch out from our Royal palms but the black and white turkeys.
Worse case would be a disease of some kind that ended there egg laying ability, possible egg eaters?? Internal egg layers...
i don't think stress would stop egg laying as seen in commercial houses there is plenty of stress yet birds lay eggs..

Should have a good game bird layer ration.. however if giving oyster shell along with what you were feeding they should still be able to lay eggs with no problems..

**Possible internal or external parasites/worms

Tip/sug(has nothing to do with egg laying) But:
Grass clipping are truly a no no, unless they are finely finely cut clippings. grass clippings can give birds impacted crop and also sour crop problems..one must be very careful, if pen reared only surely provide a good grit source when feeding clippings..
if you watch in most cases when turkeys or chickens are free ranging they nearly just pick the very end of the grass and they do not normally yank the whole shoot/grass blade at once..
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White Palms are Sports out of Royals, the white gene is a recessive one and some lines do carry it but it is rare. A friend of mine has been raising the same line of royals for about 17 yrs and in all those years she hatched 2 whites herself(and she hatches at least 200 poults a year) and 1 person who bought hatching eggs off her got a single white poult as well.

They are a pure white bird, some have 1 or two partially coloured feathers(my tom had 1 feather in his saddle that had half a black bar on it).

Breed a white Palm to a regular palm chances are you wont get any whites unless the regular palm already has a white gene, but all the offspring would carry 1 gene and when bred back to the white should yield some white babies.

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