White Palms?


11 Years
Mar 17, 2008
Cranbrook, BC, Canada
Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there owns/breeds White Royal Palm turkeys????

How common is this colour sport?

I aquired a white palm poult from a very good friend of mine last year, she has been raising around 300 Royals out of her flock(40 or so reg. palms) on the yearly bases and so far she had only 1 pure white bird(a hen) hatch. Until last year that is, of course as day-olds no one could have guessed the baby will stay white.

So in the 12 or so yrs she has been raising Royals only 2 have ever been white, so I am guessing that the white gene is recessive? Since they pop out of a non-white flock.

Anyone have any luck getting white poults out of a WhiteXregular Palm cross?? I would really like to try it.

A long while ago I read about 1 breeder who acctually breeds only the white Palms, sadly I wasn't all too interested back then and can absolutly not recall who.
I would love to hear other peoples experience with this colour of Palm.

Do they seem more agressive then the normals, my white tom is the most agressive turkey I have met(not to people, but to other fowl and his own kind).

Anyhow, this is White Titan, he has finally started molting his juvenille plummage, so he looks beyond ragged right now.

and here he is with his best buddies, the guineas(dunno why but my guineafowl are always attracted to the turkeys)


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