White part of poo is pinkish orange - any ideas?

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  1. Jillylam

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    Mar 16, 2007
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    Does anyone know what could cause the white part of the poo to be a pinkish orange color? One of my girls poo looks like this. She's approx 1-1/2 yrs old. The poo is not runny at all. It's a regular looking poo in size and shape except for the color. Can Black Oil Sunflower Seeds cause this at all? One reference I found in G. Damerow's book was about the function of the kidney - regarding the urine carrying out the excess blood-wastes. That made me think maybe she's not drinking enough? Her feed includes: free choice layena crumbles, oyster shell and grit. I'll get a picture of the next pink poo and post it. Thanks for any ideas.
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    Jan 11, 2007
    A pic would be most helpful....
    Sometimes the intestine will shed off a bit when inflammed/irritated ...sometimes cappilaria worms will cause this.
    I suggest you take an ample sample in for a faecal float to your vet (this should not be expensive and any vet can do it) to ensure you get the right med if necessary.
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    Hi Jill,
    Re: your sunflower seed question, I've never seen a poo with those colors from chickers eating sunflower seeds. And mine eat them daily.....
    Is this a different hen than the one that was having some troubles a little while back, or same?
    Hope everything will be alright[​IMG]
  4. Jillylam

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    Mar 16, 2007
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    Hi. Here is a picture of her poo. Some were a little pinker - this one's a little more orange. She didn't do any with this color last night. The other thing going on with her is that she's just finishing molting and she seems pale to me. Her feathers are pale and her legs seem pale. That's why I started giving the BOSS again. I thought maybe the oil would help.

    JJ- Hi. It's not the same hen that was recently having problems. Cheryl's been doing very well since the crop surgery. Since removing the hay she hasn't had the problem again. She did lay a soft shelled egg but I'm hoping that's just the works starting up again since she hasn't layed since October. Thanks for the seed info.

    I did see the pinkish poo once before in another girl. It lasted a little while and then went away.

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    Jan 29, 2008
    Worm your birds
    And the pinkish is probably due to what your feeding them
  6. Jillylam

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    Mar 16, 2007
    Kingwood, NJ
    Thanks Charlie. I'm going to have the vet check for worms first so I know which ones I'm dealing with. As far as food goes, they get Layena crumbles and sunflower seeds.

    ETA: I also put Worm Guard in their feed. It has DE, grape seed extract and flax seeds.
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