White Peafowl.

if they are all the same age....in the next few months you will notice the males become leggier, and generally larger. The longer legs is usually what I notice first.
Yes longer leg on males, also look at spur buds, male larger in dia.

for sure do DNA, all other will have mistake, why most even the top breeders sell then unsex.

Same with more white silver pied, greens, high % spalding
yes I agree.. give a few months, if all are same age. By the time they are 6 months old, the males will be getting bigger/taller with longer and thicker legs and toes than the females. with 5 you should have them in both sexes and so the difference will show up eventually.
Thank you. I will report back as time goes by. I have just owned peacocks for about a year but my wife says I am too mich into it,
I don't understand that part.. "too much into it"?

Welcome to the peafowl world!
I had that problem with Greens and whites, however, I used feather sexing, it was very inexpensive, 12.00each.

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