White Plymouth Rock - Male or female??? Have pictures to show

Three in a coop

8 Years
Jan 11, 2012
Hi everyone,

I've already received some posts saying that this is a male but some of my friends still say hen. Just want to double double check before I give him/her away!!!

I've included some more detailed pics of him/her, including head, neck, and tail feathers. Also, can anyone tell me what the little black dots are on the comb?

can you get a pic of s/he standing?
if you have other chickens it could just be from them working on pecking order or it could be foul pox as it looks just like mine did when they had it and as long as s/he is healthy it should take about a month to go away(thats only if it is fouol pox), theres also frostbit that could do tha. if its the only one that looks that way i bet its more or less the pecking order is the cause
I am going to have to guess pullet here. Yes, the comb is quite red but usually around 12+ weeks is when the girls get pretty red in the comb. I do not see any saddle or hackle feathers developing on her.
I am going to go with a pullet.

She is very clean looking by the way! No idea how you keep a white chicken so CLEAN!

Keep me posted. I would like to know what she turns out to be.
I have to agree with cmom and sunny & the 5 egg layers--it's a pullet. She's a really nice-looking chicken, though. Her wattles and comb are really red and full, I wish all my chickens' combs/wattles looked that good.

You were asking about the little black things on your chicken's comb. A few of my hens have that too, one in particular. This one's comb was bleeding a little, but it wasn't stopping, so I used one of those Styptic pens to make it stop bleeding, and it got those little dark spots. I think they are probably either dried-up blood or dirt.
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