White Plymouth Rock rooster in Northern CA in search of good home

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    Oct 24, 2013

    Gorgeous, good-natured, 6 month old white Rock roo in search of a new flock. He's large and in charge, with a healthy set of lungs and a great temperament. He takes great care of his hens --- Just two weeks ago I watched this rooster chase off a hawk that came around to bother our girls. But he is non-aggressive with people, even my two-year-old. In fact, he's pretty much awesome in every way, and we wish we could keep him, but his crowing is unacceptable in a city --- the neighbors are definitely fed up.

    He's a big, manly boy, and would make a great addition to a mixed flock or handful of hens. We're willing to ship him to the right situation, and would definitely prefer him to go to a home where he can settle in with a new group of ladies that he can protect and call his own.

    I have more photos and am happy to answer any questions if you're interested in him. Thanks for taking a look!
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    May 20, 2012
    If only you were closer :/

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