White plymouth rock/ Speckled Sussex breeder?

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    Nov 20, 2012
    Does anyone know a White Plymouth rock breeder that breeds for size and growthiness? I am looking for a good non hatchery birds. The same goes for Speckled Sussex.
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    Jan Childs Cornerstone Farms ( website) for large fowl Speckled Sussex.
    whoops, Jan has Light Sussex.
    Plymouth Rock breeder seethe Heritage Large Fowl thread Phase II on BYC.
    Speckled, try paintedfeathersfarm in Ohio. Nope, they have SQ bantam Speckled Sussex.
    Gary, Walt, and Tony are where you want to go for SQ large fowl Speckled Sussex.
    ~~The Speckled Sussex is the most difficult of the Sussex varieties to breed for color. However, in these strains the work in setting color and body type has already been done for you by experienced poultry folk, most of them APA Master Breeders. Check the Judges Directory at the American Poultry Association website and look up Judge Gary Overton of Ohio ( also known as Mr. Sussex) . He can help you with securing some superior birds. Tony Albritton of Idaho has excellent large fowl has Speckled Sussex . See his ad here on Page 3 : http://www.exhibitionpoultry.net/downloads/ep3-5.pdf
    Walt Reichert of KY has been tearing up the shows with his Speckled Sussex Hens.
    Plus there are several breeders out there who are 1-2 generations down from crossing some of these strains and may have some lovely birds available. You can also check the Breeders Directory at the parent Club. The American Sussex Breeders Association at : http://americansussexbreeders.webs.com/
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