White Rock hen x RIR roo

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    Mar 17, 2012

    This chick has a white rock mother and a RIR father, do we know its gender based on color? from what I have read they are sex link babies and that white chicks are boys, and as you can see this one is far from white. Do you think this is a girl?
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    * White Wyandottes and *White Plymouth Rocks are not a good choice. They sometimes have the correct genotype to produce sex linked chicks and at other times, they do not have the correct genotype to produce sex linked chicks. If a White Wyandotte carries the correct genotype, then the male down will vary in color: whitish, yellowish or even smoky white. The females produced from a Rhode Island Red and White Wyandotte cross can also vary in color from a striped gold down into a light buff color.
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