White Rock - losing lots of feathers & feels very warm to touch.

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    Jun 24, 2013
    Hello, I hope someone might have an idea. I noticed about a week ago my hen is starting to lose feathers like crazy. My other 3 are not (different breeds). So today I caught her to take some pictures and when I picked her up she felt very warm & her feathers were falling out in my hands. She is still laying about every other day and her port seems fine. The feather loss is mostly to her chest and under her wings and bottom area. Otherwise she seems to be acting ok. She perches in her own spot on a 2x4 now. They did cluster together above their nesting boxes, but that was before this really started.

    She is a year and a half old so I don't know that we have gone thru a molting? or what that really looks like.

    Any suggestions would be helpful.
    Thank you,
    Angie, Worried Mom

    Hope the pictures are helpful

    Her behind[​IMG]

    Their nesting boxes - and bedtime perch.

    Her belly
    Her wings[​IMG]


    Under her perch
    this is just a few days worth
  2. Have you taken her temperature? I feel like she is probably molting. Some chickens actually lose most of their feathers all of the sudden. Some lose their feathers a few here a few there. Some where on this site there is an ugliest molting chicken thread. A few chickens on there are nearly nekked!!

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