white rock masking barring? or is he really a white rock????


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Mar 27, 2010
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i have a huge white rock roo, or at least i think he is a white rock, and he has black in a few of his feathers why does he have black? is he masking barring, or is he really a white rock? i'm not sure he is a white rock because he is HUGE!!!!!! i will post pics of him in a minute.
Some of the White Rocks were "White Sport" of the Barred variety.
White Rocks should be a big bird with roosters being around 10 lbs just like the other Plymouth Rock varieties.
Your bird could be "hiding" Barring, Columbian, or even Silver Penciled..

Where did you get the bird from? Hatchery or Breeder?

Yep That's right. Barred Rocks were the original plymouth rock, then recessive white sports popped out of certain lines of them, the same way white Javas and Giants came about excep the blacks were the originals with them. So some lines will still be hiding barring, and some would be hiding black and any of the ones that Chris listed. And yes, I have saw show quality White Rocks that were twice as big as hatcher White Rocks. But you may happen to have a big cornish cross roo and those things can almost be mistaked for turkeys sometimes lol. So pics and where you got your roo like Chris said would help.
well the person we got him from wasnt really a breeder but she wasnt at a hatchery. she just had a bunch of chickens and sold the chicks and some of the adults.
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Sorry, that bird is a hatchery quality White Plymouth Rock.

Here is a show quality White Plymouth Rock:


Edit to add, NOT my bird. This photo is from the Poultry Press.

The birds are enormous. Even though your male is pretty and I'm sure is large, he won't be able to hold a candle to a bred for show male.
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