White Rock Roo & Golden Buff Hens


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Feb 23, 2009
I'm really new to all of this sex link stuff and how it works so it's difficult for me to figure out on my own.

I am going to incubate a test dozen eggs for fertility which have a gorgeous White Rock Roo on Golden Buff Hens. If they hatch, I plan to incubate 3 dozen for the owner.

The Amish guy told me his Roo was a Golden Buff but it clearly is not - it is the most gorgeous White Rock I have ever seen!

Will these chicks be sex linked and if so, what color would they be, which would be pullets and which would be cockerels?

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Jan 4, 2009
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Silver/gold is a sex-linked gene. Females can only have one copy; males have two. So, a female can be either gold or silver. However a male can be gold, silver or, as the Europeans call it, golden, which is when he has one copy of each.

Let's assume your male is pure silver--he will give a copy of this gene to each offspring. Your female is gold; she will give a copy to her sons. So, the male offspring will be Ss (golden) and the females will be S- (silver).

However, if the male is also dominant white, then that will hide expression of gold (white & silver are the same in appearance). I think, but am not sure that rocks are dominant white. If he carries two copies of I (dominant white) then all his offspring will receive a copy and be white. If he only carries one copy, then half his offspring will receive it and be white. Any golden chicks will be male, but silver ones could be either male or female. Also, dominant white is leaky, especially with some E-bases. I'm not sure which one rocks tend to be.

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