White Rock Wyandotte or RI White

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    Feb 10, 2014
    I have a hen who has confused me a friend picked it up at an auction saying it was a White Leghorn, great i thought till she layed a brown egg. now she is filling out and i don't know what breed she is and differentiating advice would be really appreciated.i will post a picture of my hen tomorrow.
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    What type of comb does it have, and what color legs? If single and yellow, probably a white rock. If rose and yellow, most likely a white wyandotte. Rhode Island whites are very rare, I doubt you would find one at an auction. It could, of course, also be a mutt. The picture will help to be more certain.
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  3. Lady of McCamley

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    White Leghorn will have a white ear lobe and big floppy single comb, even on the girls. Lays white eggs.

    White Rock will have red earlobes and a single comb, not as big as the White Leghorn, lays brown eggs.

    Rhode Island White will have a rose comb (true type to breed standard) but some hatcheries sell a single comb variety (such as Cackle), red earlobes, lays brown eggs.

    White Wyandotte will have a rose comb, red earlobes and lay a light brown egg.

    I agree that if it has a rose comb and yellow legs, it is likely a Wyandotte as a true RIW is rare.

    Lady of McCamley
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    CCCCCCCCHICKENS Overrun With Chickens

    Dec 3, 2012
    White Leghorn- yellow legs, single comb, slender build, white eggs

    White Rock- yellow legs, single comb, large build, brown eggs

    White Wyandotte- yellow legs, rose comb, average size build, brown eggs

    Rhode Island White-yellow legs, rose comb, brown eggs

    I would be highly shocked if it was a rhode island white. If you post a picture it should be really easy for us to tell you which of the following it is.
  5. Wyandottes7

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    Jul 24, 2013
    She may be a White Plymouth Rock is she is laying brown eggs. Could you post a picture?

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