White Runner baby from my Penciled.Genetics?


13 Years
Feb 17, 2009
North Georgia
I had a bad hatch in incubator and only got 3 live babies. One looks to be a white Runner , from my Penciled SQ runners from Holderreads. Interesting, what are the chances of that? I have one trio, and one pair. Father and son drakes. Only hatched a few last year and year before, all had nice markings at birth. I have a fuzzy totally yellow duckling from them. Have no white ducks here. Did not mark on eggs which set it was from , but will in future as I don't intend to have white ducks! So does chance does this duck have of throwing penciled if bred back to father or another penciled?


10 Years
Apr 17, 2009
Kildare, Wisconsin
White is caused by two copies of a recessive gene - a duck can be carrying one copy of the white gene, and you'd never know it, it has no effect on the color whatsoever. What must have happened in your case is that two of your Pencilled Runners, a male and a female, are each carrying a single copy of the gene, which they're passing on to half of their offspring. Your little White duckling just happened to get two copies of it - one from mom, and one from dad.

Genetically, the White duckling is probably Pencilled "underneath" the White, and you could breed it to a Pencilled and make more Pencilled babies. However, if you don't want White in your flock, I wouldn't recommend doing that. Since your White duckling has 2 copies of the White gene, it's going to pass a copy of it to ALL of it's offspring, and you're going to start seeing more and more White ducklings popping up in your flock in subsequent generations!

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