White Sebastopol Goose (Female)

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    Up for auction is a White Sebbi Goose, She is about 18 months old. I got her back in March was not laying yet, Spring of 2011 will be her first laying season. I think she is a smooth breasted. I never shown geese before so i really cant tell you if she is SQ or PQ, I know her feathers not the best due to all the rain we have gotten, most of the time she has free ranged along with all my other Geese.
    Buyer pays for new box , from what i looked up i think a box for her would be $25.00 and buyer pays for shipping of express shipping, i do not know how much it would be to ship her out, so you can send me or post here your zip, or you can look it up by mine which is 01469 comeing from Mass. Ok i belive shipping would ranging from $60 to $133..00 depending on your area. She ways around 30 to 35 pds, Paypal only, please no e-checks
    Or you can pick up. I dont know how much she ways, but i will go check it out and try and get some new pics, but they look bad becouse it is all muddy outside right it just got done raining.
    Ok this is the girl for sale, she was not happy with me , lol
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    There is anyother BYC'er that is wanting to trade a male for a female .. might check her out .. she might take her off your hands. [​IMG]

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