White sex-linked cross?

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    So, questions/thoughts on a non-standard sex-linked cross. You only ever read about Red sex-linked, Black sex-linked, Barred sex-linked, and feather sexing. I was playing around on Breedbook http://www.breedbook.org/?action=geneticscalculator&tab=CHICKEN

    It seems if you cross a White Black-tailed rooster with a Red Mottled or Red Pyle hen, you get a sex-linked result. Pullets are white with some patterning possible, and males are yellow/gold columbian.

    I have a black-tailed white rooster (Naked neck, I believe he is a mix of some sort but not certain, he is heterozygous for Naked Neck) with a Red sex-linked hen (Buff Red, Cinnamon Queen, etc) and have hatched their eggs. 50% of the chicks are white, and the others are red. Some are mostly solid, others have some chipmunk striping and eye stripes. Am I right in assuming this is basically a white sex-linked cross? Anyone else have experience with something like this, or should I just wait and see before assuming?
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    Let me begin by saying I'm no expert on genetics but because your chickens are already crosses that it probably wouldn't work as they would be carrying other colour genes already. Hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge of this sort of thing can tell you whether that cross would be auto sexing.
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    No sexlink would occur. Black-tailed Whites aren't really white, they are silver. It's a coloring that goes by other names, depending on the breed. Some breeds it's Light; some breeds it's called Columbian. And a rooster with a silver base color will pass that silver coloring to both his male and female chicks.
    Red Sexlinks are red base color, and usually have dominant white. They have neither the silver nor the barring required for color sexlinking.
  5. junebuggena

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    Also, the dominant white only affects black pattern coloring. And it only takes one copy to express. So if you have a patterned bird, with a silver base color and dominant white, the bird will appear solid white. This may be why you are getting about 50% white chicks.

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