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    For Auction a nice White Show Girl Cockerel. He has a big vaulted scull with nice crest, and nice type and feet. He was vaccinated for Mareks as a day old chick and gets along with other roos. He is at breeding age just a little less than a year old.

    I will ship him in a new box express with shredded apples for the journey. I will only ship weather permitting on both ends this included below freezing temps. I have 24 hour heat pads and will be fixing one to box just to be safe. I also have shipping waterers and will use one if the express trip will take more than 24 hours. I welcome pick ups! Cost of shipping with box is $55

    I am not certified but I have had a closed flock/s for well over a year now and practice very strict bio security. I have had my birds tested and the only thing I personally have had to deal with so far is Mareks which is why I now vaccinate. I raise all my birds using only certified organic feed and organic remedies/treatments.

    Please E-mail me at [email protected] as I am swamped with work and family stuff and have not had time to be on BYC much these days.

    pics taken about a month ago, his comb is not quiet as dark as it looks in the pics rather it is more Mulberry color.





    I have not updated all of my pics with watermarks yet so my breeder bird pics are limited but this will give you a good idea, and I have more pics on my page and past auctions.

    Hen that hatched the roo are one of these 2



    Old pic of Sire (white Silkie)

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