White silkie 3m old rooster free - needs to be rehomed


Apr 2, 2016
west of Boston
Are we allowed to post giveaway/rehome requests in the regional forum?

Beautiful white 3 month old Silkie rooster available, needs to go ASAP. Wish we could keep him but cannot have roos in our town, and he surprised us by starting to crow, so he's got to go.

Raised on good feed and healthy scraps, socialized well with other chickens and a large dog. Comes when he's called (because well, scraps). Growing into a beautiful boy.

Need to move quickly as he's getting louder and earlier! Hoping to avoid the dinner pot, but if it must be so, at least humanely (and I don't want to know about it).

Hope it's ok to post here! I posted in Buy/Trade/Sell too, but figured that since it was national, there was little chance of finding a regional taker.

Happy summer,
Nichole in Wellesley, who just finished building the coop below and is kinda proud


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