White Silkie Bantam Roosters

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    Jul 14, 2014
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    This morning I discovered BOTH my Silkie Bantam are Roosters [​IMG] First one's name as a chick was Tapioca, after her crowing, we changed it to Kernel Sanders ([​IMG]) Found a new love for him, we were actually really happy! [​IMG]The second one is my baby, Tofu. This morning... she too began to crow![​IMG] We live in the middle of the city, I imagined one rooster would pass because we live in an hispanic area, but two roosters may not fly. I love them both! Don't just wanna throw them out...

    What are my options? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I managed to keep a rooster for a year under somewhat similar conditions. He loved crowing at all hours, and for a small silkie, he was incredibly loud! I tried numerous tricks to help control the time of day that he crowed (i.e. not too early or late) as well as the noise level, but after a while, it proved to be too much work! On top of that, he started to become somewhat aggressive. So, finally, I found someone who was willing to trade with me for another hen.
    At any rate, it ultimately depends on how your roosters are in terms of noise and temperament.
    Do you have other chickens besides those two?
    So, option one, would be to keep them and just see what happens.
    If that doesn't work out, you could probably find someone on this website looking for a silkie rooster. There's also a Facebook page under the title: Silkies For Sale in the U.S. where you'll probably find some takers in your area. [​IMG]
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    Silkies only come in bantam, so just saying Silkies need home! Is okay, but you may want to put silkie chicken... I think there is a silkie duck.

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