White Silkie cockerel out of a paint breeding

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    Feb 21, 2010
    I am offering up for auction one of my breeder quality paint cockerels. He is out of a paint x black breeding. He is white with one black feather. Right at 5months old. Dark eyes, blue ears, nice wings, medium comb is two toned black and red(common with the paint breeding), black skin, correct heavy feathered feet. NPIP #43-684

    Paints are still new and if you use him I can not guarantee you will or will not get paint chicks. It is certainly possible since he came from a paint breeding.

    Shipping is hard and stressful on the birds. I make every effort to ensure that our birds are happy and in excellent health condition. Once birds leave our property I'm not responsible for their well being. I do not replace birds or refund money for birds lost by the post office or due to stress. The week prior to shipping I will prepare the birds for their trip by providing additional electrolytes in their water. Birds are shipped in approved USPS bio-filtered Horizon boxes and are provided fruits and greens for their trip. They will also be clean, trimmed, and bug free. I will also provide a tracking slip. Shipping will be an additional $70 and that includes a new box, due with payment. Payment due at end of auction.


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