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    01/13/10 Will be selling them in groups and individuals instead of the entire flock. Still do not want to ship.

    Deciding to cut way back and selling my flock of silkies. They are from noted lines and we are NPIP certified. They are pick up only!!!

    There are 12 total, all white, all but one are bearded. All have good feet, toes and feathering. Most have vaulted skulls.

    Main roo is a little too red in the comb but he is a vigorous natural breeder thus he has stayed longer than maybe most would have kept him. He does have an overly protective attitude- flogs my ankles on a regular basis. He has regularly been threatened with the crock pot but is not impressed.

    Of the other 11, 4 are for sure hens/pullets and 1 is going to be a great replacement roo for the one above, he has a kinder, gentler attitude but could have better 4/5 toe spacing. The other 6 are too young to tell but I am guessing 4-5 girls and another roo or 2. 1-2 of the little ones are showing some amazing promise in regards to being showable.

    The older birds and 1 baby are from eggs I have hatched from Webb Acres, Feathers and Fleece Farm, Satin Silkies, pumpkinpup, allaboutthemchicks, and Golden Egg Farm (the unbearded hen is from here- she is beautiful). 5 of the little ones have the older birds as their parents.

    They are in a barn with heat. Please bear this in mind. If you can't provide the same, the will not do well. Even in all the cold we are still getting at least one silkie egg a day. The little one is still in the house in the brooder box being spoiled.

    Feel free to PM all your questions!!
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