White Silkie Quad: 3 Silkies 1 SG (MY BREEDERS) NY/SHIP


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Dec 16, 2008
Because of my bad back I need to lighten my work load. I need to get down to 3 coops and after much agonizing I am selling my white silkie flock. I will be allowing my son to choose 2 (1 silkie and 1 SG) to keep as these were our first silkies (well this color) and he is very attached to them. So the quad will include

1 White Silkie Rooster (1 year old)
2 White Silkie Hens (1-2.5 years old)
1 White SG Hen (1.5 years old)

Pics of my white silkies are below that is the rooster and those are the hens, one of the SG was eaten by a coon at 6pm the other day so I am down to only 2 SG but as you can see they all look the same. Some pics are from last summer and fall. The roo pics are recent. Pics of recent chicks they made are included in this auction so you can see what they produce
This flock has bred show quality chickens many times hopefully some previous buyers will drop a line

They will ship out express in a large new horizon box for a total cost of $115 weather permitting on both ends. I Can Not Ship To Ohio

please if you are going to bid be sure that you have a nice safe home for them as they are wonderful birds and deserve the best. They are all great layers and great broody moms as well.




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Feb 26, 2011
las vegas
really nice wish i had the money. i cant wait to see the chicks i got from you they are already looking good and seeing these makes me happy, knowing what i got and how they could turn out. thank you susan for everything. hope you feel better.who ever gets these will be very happy trust me i know

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