White Silkie Roo - Very friendly


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9 Years
May 31, 2010
Pennington, NJ
Our Silkie Roo, Marshmallow, is looking for a new home. When we got our two silkies last year, we were told that they were pullets - - surprise - both were roos!!! Marshmallow is very friendly and my 5 year daughter handles him all of the time. He is 1 year old and currently lives with our other Silkie Roo, Dandelion. Please help out this sweet boy and give him a home.


We will combine and sell both of them for $5.00 total, if you are interested in both.
Thanks for looking
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I can't take them but Marshmellow sure looks like a little girl to me, so I can say it was an honest mistake! LOL there beautiful. My boys all have the whispy swept back look head poof, glad to know thats not always the case.
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I know - he is very pretty - - but my neighbors will attest to his crowing abilities
He has the dark blue comb, where Dandelion has the red one. It has been very interesting watching the two of the grow up. And they are just now starting to get their "big boy" feathers in

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