White Silkie Showgirl + Black Silkie Roo = ???

Chickie Mamma

Farmer at Heart
11 Years
Apr 20, 2008
Sherman, CT
Hello, Until my breeding pens are finished for the early spring, all my silkies are running together. My white showgirl has been breeding with my black roo (just matured). I was wondering, what are the odds of getting a black showgirl if I were to incubate the eggs from her? If there is a possibility? The 2 birds came from excellent breeders and were bred true to color. I stink at genetics, but was wondering if there was a chance of getting a black showgirl. Thanks
I have no idea what colors you would get...I think there could be a whole slew of different outcomes. Does the showgirl have a bowtie? If it is clean necked to a silkie you will get all bowties, if it is a bowtie to a silkie you will get half silkies, half showgirls with bowties.

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