White Silkies... come and get them! Rooster heavy... *Pending Pick up*


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9 Years
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Jan 24, 2010
Englewood, TN
I board a rooster heavy batch of white silkies... the owner changed her mind and doesn't want them.... neither do I!!!

Asking $5 for the gas it takes for me to load them up and meet you somewhere with them. I will meet you anywhere in Monroe or McMinn Counties - TENNESSEE.

I can meet you by the interstate if you are driving in from someplace. I believe it's 9 silkies in all... 3 girls, the rest boys. All still very young, some POL some just started.

$5 for all... but you take them all. Despirate to get them gone, but still must be a good home. I might not like the breed, but I'm still a animal person.

Pictures to come later. I haven't got any yet. PM if interested....

*Sold, pending pick up*
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I wish I was closer to you. We've had this problem before. I would take all of them in a heartbeat if you where closer.
The house next door is for sale! lol. You would always have first dibs on new birds.... lol!
Hey there! You'll only be about a 25 minute drive from me! Maybe we can meet after you get moved & settled! It'd be nice to meet another BYC alum face to face -- I've only met one other so far, and we've become quite good friends!
Let me know if you'd like to! My DH and I have lived here in Paducah for over 27 yrs.
I've also met 1 BYC're and she lives near paris. She drove all the way here for some eggs the first time and she got some sizzle's, and chicks and eggs the second time. It's nice to have somebody to talk chicken with.
PM me so I have your info so I can contact you when we move.

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