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    Day-Old White Silkie Chicks

    I have been selling fertile eggs with great success and now have them in the incubator so I can sell day old chicks for those who either do not have an incubator or just do not want to hatch them. Plus I miss seeing the little guys peck their way to a new life. I have babies hatching weekly until the first part of June and then again starting in July. My incubators or full.....

    Now you can buy these cute little White Silkies and I can ship them directly to you.

    I am just a small hobby farm and love sharing my babies. I will also later have Indian Blue and White Peafowl and Guinea’s for sale.

    I will only ship white, healthy chicks to you. All chicks will be straight run, un-sexed.

    Price is $9.00 per chick with a minimum order if 5 chicks.

    Smaller Orders:
    Price is $10.00 per chick with a minimum of 3 chicks

    (I will not ship less than 3 babies.)

    **Shipping will be based on Express USPS charges plus a $5.00 handling/box fee.

    PM or Email me for quote to your zip code.

    There are not many White Silkies available and when they are available they are much more than my price and it is always breeders choice of colors. I am offering only White Silkies day oldchicks.

    Either PM or email me at [email protected] with your order details, quanity desired, address, etc..

    I use PayPal at [email protected]

    Thanks for looking !
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