White Silkies throwing Partidge

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    May 25, 2016
    Hi Everyone,
    I live in New Zealand and love this forum as there is so much info re chooks...I breed lovely Silkies (White and BBS) I got a new white rooster off a 'supposed" top breeder here in NZ and since I have bought him in he is throwing 75% partridge colours in his offspring (which I am not keen on as 75% of them are very dirty and have to be sold as backyard chooks) Is this a recessive gene in my whites? I was running a blue rooster with my white girls as another breeder told me the blue would clean up my whites...but all I am getting is 1 white to 3 partridge....my white roo before ever gave me any grief (aside from a few light coloured cones as he wasnt the darkest of cones but gave the biggest pom poms etc) where as this roo has a lovely mulberry cone/wattles and all I am getting is partridge....Is the recessive gene in the roo? He's the best rooster and so lovely to have around, but am concerned he may have to go...?

    And then in the last lot of chicks that have hatched I got 3 cross beak and 3 wry tails (NEVER had these before) I do line breed but only to 2nd generation generally then breed back out to another rooster....but could all this grief be from this 1 roo...?

    Any advise would be great as all I can see is a whole lot of time and hard work slowly going down the drain....

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