White Sport Legbars, or "Frost White Legbars" I am interested on breeding information about this br

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    I would like to pick up a coop of these little guys. However, I have read some conflicting information, and I am not sure who to trust. So, if you know something as a fact or first hand experience, please mention that. However, if you have heard this or that through the grapevine, please also mention that. If you can cite sources, please do.

    I have read that the strain is recessive. I have also read that there may be a dominant white gene. I have also read that they have color bleeding through. I have read that white hen with white rooster produces all white offspring. Who knows the answers to these questions?

    I have read that there are problems about how they are produced. That the weak recessive gene creates ill little babies, and that it is uncommon for them to reach adulthood. Does anybody know?

    Also, how long have they been around? How long until S and P accepts the breed as official?

    Thank you for your time. Your comments are appreciated.
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    Did you get any input ?
    Im looking at ordering some right now.
    But at $75 per chick, if there are gene issues, i'll pass.
    We have cream legbars with no issues but im interested in any negative
    info you may have before i shell out that much for a chicks.
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    I raised legbars for a while so this is my experience......
    The white is recessive. No they aren't dominate white. Dominate white doesn't hide like recessive. If any where dominate white they would of easily bred away from them. I raised several hens and kept as layers they never had color bleed through. Did get the dingy white look when they got a few years old. Rooster may bleed color. I never raise any males to adulthood and males tend to bleed colors more then females. Yes white X white would produce all whites.
    Unsure what you mean by how they are produced. Mine were produced the same as my regular legbars and were just as hardy. I raised several to adulthood. I didn't have any issues from them being produced or from being white.
    They've been around as long as the legbars have. Mine were from the second year GFF had them for sell.
    I don't know what s and p is. If you mean recognized legbars variety with the APA then imo they will never or at least not in my lifetime.
    When I raised legbars the whites were culls. Legbars are known for autosexing and the whites aren't autosexing so kinda defeats the purpose of the breed imo.
    I gave them away for free. I can't believe people are paying high prices for them. If interested you would be better off looking for legbar breeders and see if they're producing any and if they see them as culls. Be a lot cheaper from them then from breeders trying to make fat cash from them.
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