White sport of Wheaten Ameracauna, rooster; pickup only, N. Central FL

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    Jan 31, 2009
    Micanopy, Florida
    This rooster is a white sport from halo's Wheaten Ameracaunas. He is clean-faced, and beautiful. His sister lays blue, blue eggs. He produced 2 nice hatches of Easter Eggers for me; chicks from hens with muffs have muffs. Got some interesting new color patterns from the blue and black olive eggers that were in the pen with him (splash, blue, black with frosted hackles).
    Now he must find a new flock. He's nice with people and hens, but rough on other roosters. Photo is from when he was a juvenile; will try to get a new photo to post soon. He can go to the pot, but would like to get him a new flock if anyone wants him.
    No shipping, but could meet you part-way.

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