White substance in hen's ears?


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May 9, 2011
I have a sweet little hen (not sure what kind of chicken she is... a mixed breed) that until a few days ago had red ears. Well, all my chickens have red ears, but a few days ago I noticed one of the hen's ears have either turned white, or she has developed some kind of white substance on her outer ears. We've had some issues with leg mites recently and have that about cleared up and on top of everything, she's molting as well. Is there something going on with her that I should be treating?
I have a medium hybrid (rhode island/ sussex) everything appears normal, however, I too found her red ears have turned white! does anyone know what it is? does it need treating? is it the temperature drop and weather?
Would really appreciate some help.
So, another of my hens is developing that white substance on her ears. The hens that have it don't appear to have any other ailment... eating good, running the yard catching the last of the summer bugs. The mites they had seem to be under control. The only thing I've been able to find that seems to describe why their ears are turning white is "dry pox" (?) From what I've read there isn't a whole lot I can do to "treat" this ailment, it isn't a terminal type of disease, and will pass in a few weeks without treatment. Once it's run it's course the ears will turn red again.

Anyone with another explanation for this red ears turning white... Please chime in. I've seen several recent posts involving red ears turning white but not alot of response as to what it could be that causes it.

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