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7 Years
May 9, 2012
On another thread I started to find out the gender of my ducks I was told that a greenish beak meant male. This morning I was watching my ducks swimming and realized that the two with greenish beaks tails were whiter than the rest as well as one of the ones without a green beak. This is new because I named one of the ducks Whitman for his white tail and now I can't tell him apart from the other two NEARLY as easy :( Could a white tail mean male?

The first picture is Whitman (he has more white than the other two), the second is Fish (no greenish beak), the third is Bert. Of the six, these three have more white on their tails than the others, and, like I said, it's recent. And Whitman has more white than before. Male or coincidence?
And that water was fresh 30 minutes ago.
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