White thin bird, teeny comb


11 Years
May 29, 2008
South Eastern Massachusetts
sound like any breed in particular?? I drove by a , I swear , chicken on the side of the road in a park..... I was unable to stop but will go back by on my way home tonite.......It kinda looked sleek like a hawk would, thin body, and snow white about 12" -15" tall any one have any idea what it could be?
If it had dark skin, I would guess white sumatra. They are very sleek and streamlined with pea comb..beautiful birds. I hope you can get a pic.

My son and I went back and through the woods no sign of it, but I am going to look again tomorrow, there are alot of woods to hide in, unless someone grabbed it it has to be around there somewhere. WE were walking around making chicken noises sqiurrels thought we were nuts!
it was sitting on top of a piece of granite on the road side. It was so pretty, so white and clean. It must have gotten picked up, I have not seen it since, I will look again tomorrow. There are some houses a bit ways away, but I have never seen chickens there.

I am thinking ,maybe it wandered from home a bit and hopefully found it's way back. I figure if it was out there for a long while it would have been not so bright white. I knew we should have stopped then, but I had nothing to put it in and we were in such a rush now I am kicking myself.

this is a very big park, and we have alot of wildlife, deer, racoons , and well you name it, herons, hawks, swans, turtles egrets etc.... not a little corner park

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