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    FOR SALE: HUGE WHITE UK ORPINGTON COCKEREL FROM GREENFIRE FARMS, THE PREMIERE IMPORTER OF RARE CHICKEN BREEDS IN THE UNITED STATES! This young rooster is a BIG, HEAVY bird and super gentle. He was hatched this spring from imported English stock. Go to www.greenfirefarms.com to see the quality of birds they seek out and acquire from all around the world. $50 Cash or Paypal. Price is FIRM as Greenfire day old chicks sell on average for $99. A rooster is HALF your flock; why not breed the best you can to your hardworking hens?! This boy crossed with ANY breed, will add size/meat and a calm temperament. Bred to Orpington Hens, this gorgeous chunk will give you the huge, fluffy, purebred Orpington chicks that everyone wants. I am located near Traverse City, in NW Michigan. The weather is just too cold to ship, so pickup only on this guy. Thanks for looking! :)
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