White yolks

Only thing that comes to mind in hmmmm, lack of yellow??
Seriously tho, welcome to BYC. I'm looking forward to seeing the answer to your question...
IS this one hen or several? IS it really white or just very pale??

If it is just one hen , she could have a defect.. If it is several then I would say it is food related.. What are you feeding them? do they get to free-range?
Here's a lot of no help.

Any symptoms of illness?


Platinum yolks (colorless yolks) Possible infection (causative agent
Antibiotics. (200 gm auremycin and 2 lbs NF-180 per
ton of feed for seven days.)

Colorless yolks Lack of xanthophyll Consideration should be given to the source of
xanthophyll such as yellow corn meal, alfalfa leaf
meal, etc.
I'll be watching this thread since I, too, have an apparently healthy chicken that lays eggs with a very pale yolk. She eats the same as my other chickens which lay eggs with very dark orange yolks so I'm wondering about other causes than diet. I HOPE it's not some infection and she does seem very healthy. Imp, the antibiotic you refer to in your post, is that something that could be gotten at the feed store or from a vet?

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