Whiting True Blue & Whiting True Green


Feb 19, 2019
New Jersey
I purchased 50 Whiting True Greens from Murray hatchery in March and they began laying @ 16 weeks of age! I also purchased 25 Whiting True Blues the same time and at 19 weeks, they are just starting to lay. The WTG eggs are already 1.8 oz +. However, there is a percentage of the WTG eggs that are shades of brown. I contacted Murray hatchery and they replied that eventually hens laying the brown eggs will become green, that the WTG breed true for egg color. I felt a bit insulted, as we all know hens lay only one color of egg. In close observation, some of the WTG show no whitish/greenish/blue on their earlobes, and they are solid red just like my Isa Browns I purchased from Townline hatchery. So either I received some substituted variety or WTG do NOT breed true. I will say their eggs are beautiful, the WTG pullets have a calm, friendly temperament (the True Blues are extremely flighty), from day 1 they lay in the Kuhl 10-hole nest box I purchased used, never even once in their chopped straw bedding. Since I sell eggs through our self-service, refrigerated egg depot, I am not disappointed to be getting some brown eggs. I just would like to hear from others who purchased Whiting True Greens from Murray hatchery if they are also getting any brown eggs. View attachment 1514308 View attachment 1514309
Good to know, I've had WTG from McMurray for a xouplenyears. The first two were the lighter variety withehite in the tail and laid large gre eggs. I bough two more this spring, they also came with the white in the tail and then about 3 weeks later I bought several more but these came in the darker reddish color with black in the tail. I was confused but after looking around I found out about these two main variations but I didn't know they might lay brown eggs! They aren't laying yet at 16 weeks but I will have to separate them out from my breeding flock now to check egg color before breeding season as we keep WTG, Ameracauna, Black Copper Marans and Bielefelders together assuming we can see the egg color difference. You just saved me a LOT of drama and wasted time. Thank you

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