Whiting True Blues - Do they go Broody?


6 Years
May 11, 2016
Hi guys,

Could not find much online. Are Whiting True Blues a broody or setter type of bird? I do not want broody girls, so looking for non-setter birds.

Thank you.
I'm hoping some current owners chime in! Just ordered my 10 to be here may 14th. I know I read on their website it was a bird bred to lay many blue eggs, so if they say shes a good layer, she can't really be a good setter. Looking forward to those blue eggs!
Aren't these a cross between Cream Legbars and White Leghorns? One could look at what the parents do and get an idea.
I have a pair of pullets called GEMs (same thing) just over a year old, they like to hide their nest out, so my thought would be they will go broody.
Ugh, I LOVE broodies.. Have 2 right now, but can't say I'm too happy to hear that lol. I was under the impression that they are leghorns in ameracauna's clothing from what their website says. I know hatcheries can often mislead, but they've always been my go to hatchery...good quality so far.
So far our WTG’s and WTB’s haven’t gone broody. They’ve only been laying a short time but they’re laying every day and after they’re out of their boxes running around chasing squirrels and bunnies.

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