Whizbang Chicken Plucker for Sale in PA

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    Mar 19, 2007
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    This is a Whizbang chicken Plucker with a 1/2 hp Dayton Motor which was built by me last summer from a usermanual printed my Herrick Kimball. This Unit features an on/off switch, it has a bucket covering the motor for water protection, and a metal covering over the swith for the same (see pic) . It also has a double hose hookup on the back of the unit, so you can hook up your garden hose , one side goes to the upright spray nozzle that you turn on when plucking the chickens, the other side goes to a 6 foot hose with nozzle (included) that you can use to wash down your equipment etc.. Upright nozzle assembly will need to be reglued when the weather permits because it came apart when I tried to use it in very cold weather., Everything seems to be in good working condition, there is a idler wheel that has rust on it from all the water spraying upon it last summer, but it still is in working condition. Just plug it in flip the switch and your ready to go. Buyer will be responsible for pickup or maybe we can work something out. Buyer can pay cash on the spot and can do an onsite inspection before agreeing to pay for it. Also included with the unit will be 10 replacement fingers.
    This same unit sells on ebay for $625-*$650.00 but because I am in dire straits and ned the money I will let it go for $450.00 Cash ***** Once you use this you will be spoiled and will never ever want to pluck by hand again!!


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