Who can tell me about Magpie ducks?


11 Years
Oct 9, 2008
Dutch Flat, CA
I'm thinking of getting a couple ducklings.

I have a few questions as I know nothing of magpie's or ducks in general really

1. Are they loud ducks?
2. Do they fly or do you clip their wings to get them to stay in your yard?
3. How long are they brooded? When can they go out?
4. How old when they start laying?
5. If I get two , should I get male and female , two females? What's the best for only 2?
6. Please post some pics of magpie ducklings and adults .

The only thing I know about them is they are darn cute

Have you checked feathersite.com?
They can be very loud but it's the females that quack not the drakes so if you just want some to look at get a few boys.
They can fly but most will only fly a few feet.
Most ducks are strong enough to go off heat after 2 to 3 weeks (and it does get cold and windy here ).

Most of my ducks start laying around 4.5 to 6mths depending on breed and the season.

Pics can be found at the following.


The genetics behind the colour is Dominant bibbed with the addition of the runner (pied) gene.

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