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    Jan 27, 2011
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    We all have people in our life who means so much to us? So how about we post about the people and animals, plants, and even strangers whom we love, have touched us, changes us, and made a difference.

    Post pictures if you want.

    I Love my parents, sister, Dear Love, his family, my pets, Especially my Australian shepherd bear, and my Arabian mare Samera Moon (Sammy For short)

    The ausi, Bear happened up a whole new world of sheep to me, while Sammy had saved me when I needed it as a troubled child, and then physically protected me a couple of times in my life, and remains a loving companion to this day. My step father has been there since I was five, and has been a father to me when I needed one.

    My mother was the only one who believed in me when I was in constant trouble. there was times we was the only one between me and the world. Even when we lived in a car, she starved herself to make sure my sister and I ate.

    My sister watched me while our parents worked two jobs sometimes to make ends meet, she gave up her childhood and much of her teenage years to make sure I was safe. Even if she and I have had a strained relationship over the years, she did protect me as a little girl.

    MY dear love is the most patient good natured person I have ever met and has put up with me through my worst and my best. His family has been welcoming and kind to me and I can see where he gets his humor from.

    My best friend is the most eccentric person I have ever met, an excellent teacher who always challenges her students, and is never afraid to tell me exactly how it is, and refuses to put up with my crap.

    my chickens who give me hours of entertainment and keep my garden pest and... *sighs* tomato free if they get loose in it the wrong time of year.

    There are many others in my life that mean a lot to me or have touched me but i'm going to step down and let others talk

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