Who does the daily chicken chores?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Spartan22, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Spartan22

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    Sep 2, 2014
    NE Ohio
    I picked up a handful of chicks from a local feed store few years ago, brood them, fed them, watered them, chased them off my garden, learned and researched about them during sleepless weeks after work, built an awesome coop, add a great run, took care of them that no one died, none on my watch at least, until I sent some vacationing to “Iceland” permanently.

    One of my reason getting these little fluffy chicks on an impulse was thinking that my wife and my 3 kids will love them. My oldest daughter who has permanent “stocks” in Children’s hospital that is wheelchair bound will be absolutely thrilled, my son that love animals will take into it like a pro and my youngest daughter will oh and ah about this creatures, being a toddler. And the wife? she will love the fresh eggs, ha ha ha, that was all an illusions in my mind to have these fluffy furry little things joining our boring lives, after all, all we do is work hard and support the children’s hospital every few weeks. Am I kidding myself? My son never liked the birds, though he can eat a dozen eggs a week, he thinks they’re farm animals and never really had interest except the eggs are better than “Eggland’s Best” that we buy from “Giant Eagle”, my youngest daughter were scared of them, she never walk back to the coop ever. My wheelchair girl? She loved the chicks, that she never want to eat chicken meat ever, and my beloved wife will only gather eggs or feed and water the chickens when am out of town for work. She love the eggs though, her friends and office mates consistently wants our eggs.

    So who does all the daily chicken chores?

    The dad, the one that took home these lovely chicks few years ago. The weird thing is, I don’t mind at all feeding, watering, cleaning poop, gathering eggs, renovating the coop every few months to upgrade and add more chicks.

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  2. Chicken math as struck again!
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  3. Mrs. K

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    I love this hobby, know just what you mean. Makes me get out of the house, get a walk, have a few moments to myself. Thank goodness, my dear hubby supports me in letting me have what I want, but I do the rest too.
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  4. My kids barely go out to the chicken yard and coop, although we (I) just got chicks so the interest is a bit higher right now. DH does not like them, he won't open the gate to chicken yard when they are out. We all love the eggs, and the family is happy for me , not so much happy to have chickens. I've spent thousands on this hobby, those eggs aint cheap we (I) am in it for the long haul!

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  5. Sricher91

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    Mar 22, 2018
    Mama! I wanted the chickens so no surprise. We have 2 dogs, a tortoise, 8 chickens, 2 ducks, and of course 2 kids. I take care of all things living LOL.
  6. CowPattyAcres

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    Apr 1, 2018
    I can’t keep my toddler away from the chickens or the brooder. He is obsessed, but not much help with the chores... and cracks more eggs than he collects :)
    For the most part I do all the chicken chores (they were my idea after all) but the hubby does help, sometimes. My 11 year old will help when instructed but will not take the initiative to do so on his own...
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  7. rosemarythyme

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    I take care of all things living and all things around the house (except heavy lifting and spider removing). That said, hubby does a little bit of animal care everyday, because he wants to interact with our pets too. So he mainly takes care of night time things since that's when he's available (dogs' dinner and end of the night potty break, closing up the coop at night) and I do the rest.
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  8. KHBaker

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    Mar 21, 2018
    Thankfully, my husband loves the chickens and comes to hang out in the barn when he can, but I'm the one who really takes care of them. The farm stuff is my hobby, and while he does a great job with the inside animals, I handle most of the outside animals and some of our small inside creatures :)
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  9. Life is Good!

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    Apr 14, 2011
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    :lau Clearly, you misunderstood your wife - she'd adore receiving jewelry, or furniture or a new bathroom remodel. The kids? Easy peasy - A trip to local toy store. These chickens are your gift and blessing for your family...I can hear my own right now, "not my job, mom!"

    I got tired of driving across town to Walgreens to pick up more eggs (they opened first at 5am) - two early tween sons would eat a dozen a day! Yikes! That's why we got chickens...to make life easier for me? :bow Clearly, I didn't know what I was in for. The broody-hen fights over chicks; the never-ending supply of cockerals to deal with, grow out and send to Camp Frigidaire (oh why must we keep incubating BOYS?!); the lugging of bags of feed, of waterers, of used bedding, oh the lugging!; :he

    Surely, I was as uninformed as any new parent.

    So yes, the chickens are my blessing for my family and those around me who I support with egg gifts. My sons - youngest only interested in the whole incubator/brooder phase of life. My oldest - only interested in the 'pet' value of the bird (although he does lug feed bags for me). My spouse aids and supports this venture with lugging help; repairs to downspouts and hoses; and funds the experiment by gifting me with a bigger incubator for Christmas. However, this is my adventure - they just get to sit back and watch. Oh, and listen to the rooster all year 'round. Darn stoopid chicken going off at 4 freakin' early in the morning....:smack
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  10. Ahavati

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    Sep 12, 2016
    Woodville, TX
    We moved out to the country to raise our own food. I did all the research though and one of my teens calls himself the chicken whisperer and calls them HIS chickens. Buthe couldn't be bothered to take care of them right, the way I explained. So I had to take over and now they are flourishing and laying eggs galore. We have 6 kids so we needed eggs and milk (our goats) and meat ( raising meat birds, turkeys, quail currently). I am the one that gets a little weirded knowing we raised those birds to eat and I just milked that milk from our goat LOL. But I still eat and drink it.

    My husband though helps me with morning chores though. We get the kids involved in rounding up the meaties from ranging and putting them to bed at night. Sometimes they help with morning chores. They love the animals. Thankfully.
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