Who gave me these eggs?

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  1. LDelin

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    Oct 8, 2016
    City girl gone country!!! Please HELP! I have around 24 weeks mixed flock of: Barred Rocks, English Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red and Black Copper Marans and they started laying everywhere but their nest boxes and I though I had all brown egg layers but I think my eggs are very light taupe colored almost white. Is this normal for young hens? [​IMG]
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    Greetings from Kansas and :welcome, Glad you joined us! Stop over at the New Members Forum below so we can give you a proper BYC welcome!! Of the breeds you listed and the color of eggs, it's not likely the BCM. And my RIRs lay a darker shade than you have pictured. If I had to bet a dollar between the Barred and the Buff Orps, I'd put it on the Buff Orps.
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    Oct 8, 2016
    Thank you. I got 3 eggs this morning and all same color. It must be like you said my BR (7) and my 1 Buff. Is the color ok? Or is it because they just started laying?[​IMG]
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    My Buff Orpington lays the lightest brown of all my eggs. The Australorps and my Barred Rock are more of a medium brown. Marans are supposed to lay darker eggs. I'm guessing it's your Orpingtons.
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    Color wont change much and each hen will have it's particular shade or speckle so you can actually identify who laid by shape, color and texture of egg once you get to know them. Takes a lot of stalking and peeking into the nests. Yeah, I was guilty of that back in first few years of keeping birds. Knew which egg belonged to each individual bird...had a lot of time on my hands I guess.

    Breeds where coloring changes through the year are the colored egg layers. It's like they slowly run out of ink by end of year and then replace the cartridge during molt. Your Marans will be dark then dull as the year progresses. With new layers there can be odd things going on as their sexual organs are developing at different rates and getting to work proper. An odd egg colored only half and things like that but after first month of laying all that is settled in. Looking at your eggs I can tell that's the color your birds will give you all year and they didn't have any kinks at the start. Plymouth and or Orp eggs for sure.

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