Who gives these people GUNS!? slight rant... not too long I promise!

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    Yeah so the opener for deer was Saturday, the 7th. We live in a really rural area. LOTS of deer, actually, our area was listed as an "intesive harvest" area due to the overpopulation of deer.
    So, DH, and I, get really torked off by all the "citiots" that come flocking to our area every fall. You know, there is a lot of state land, thats fine, do your thing. We are smart enough not to hunt state land cause we dont want to die. But, we have 8 acres of corn standing NEXT TO our house, literally like 400 ft from our house. OBVIOUSLY if you see corn, 6 barns, and a house its PRVATE property. The regs cleary state that ag land doesnt have to be posted "no hunting/trespassing" becuase it is ALL private end of story. DH doesnt post our 100 acres because of that fact.
    So, Saturday night, DH and BIL are in their stands watching for the big buck we know is in our corn. This Green Chevy comes by, stops, backs up and shoots FROM THE ROAD into our corn parallel to DH's stand. what!? So DH is about to run out there when these yayhoos go zipping around the corner and let loose about 12 more shots up the corn, toward DH. One shot hit his stand and several others hit the barn behind him. DH has a short fuse and he's very explosive. He ran to the house, put his gun away because he didnt trust himself with it, and took off after these guys-who had driven away after randomly shooting into our corn! He caught them and cussed them up one side and down the other. They said "well you didnt post it and there is a big buck in there." so he yelled at them about the regs regarding ag land AND shooting from the road. They said "whatever dude, sorry." and left. Apparently it was a party of about 6 21 year olds with no adult supervision. AND the ringleader used to live next door to us, he KNOWS whos land that is. DH decided to let it go because he doesnt want them shooting one of our cows or something out of spite.
    So yesterday I am at work and DH keeps texting me about this Blue Dodge that drove by a total of 7 times, stopping, backing up, using binoculars all around our corn field while DH and BIL sat out there. Theres also a section in the regs about harassing and impeding other hunters, so that guy is getting words today if he comes by again. We flippin KNOW we have bucks in the corn, morons, thats why we have 3 stands out there. Who give these ppl licenses and firearms? And how can they be so rude and entitled to intrude on our private property and ruin our hunt?
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    Jun 29, 2009
    When many people want something for themselves, they don't care who they bother to get it.

    That's why we have entitlement programs, cheating spouses, and rude cashiers at Wal-Mart.
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    Mar 25, 2009
    Spring Hope, NC
    I'm right there with you. We have a farm of only 17 acres but the deer like to run through at an amazing rate. We have two houses on our 17 acres, a goat barn. One pasture is fenced.

    We are out there working on fencing in another pasture in a wooded area every day. Once hunting season started we started wearing bright orange vests. Every day we have to tell 3 or 4 different hunters that this is private property. They act coy and surprised. Then they tell us they are just searching for their dogs. I let them know that they are welcome to search for their dogs once their gun is secured in their truck - suddenly they don't care about these mysteriously quiet dogs anymore.

    About a month ago some idiot thought he would use his sight to see who those folks down the path in the bright orange vests were. My 13yo screamed "Mama that man sighted his gun on me" I turned around in time to see him put his gun down to his side while he and his friend turned around and hightailed it back toward the road. There is never a reason to point your gun at bright orange in the woods. You KNOW it's a person and accidents happen.

    Hunting season is a PITA for us. If the young hunters just respected our property we would be OK. We don't have a problem with hunting at all. We prefer it over deer starving in the winter.

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    May 2, 2009
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    Put up the private property signs, no tresspassing signs, and call the sheriff with plate numbers.

    As for who gives them guns, we do as a country, when we refuse to pass laws that make them uneligable to buy guns.
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    Happens every year in our neck o the woods. The yahoo's come out of the woodwork during hunting season. In one way you guys are lucky, our deer season goes from Oct until Jan 1. so our yahoo's get overtime. [​IMG] . Sparkles, I would invest in a bunch of posted signs and keep a pad and paper in the vehicle. It makes them nervous when you make a show of writing down plate numbers.

    Steve in NC
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    Waterloo, Nebraska
    The only way to stop those people is to turn them in. Otherwise, they have noting to lose. There is no risk if they know that you just yell at them.
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    We rent but our home is located on 50 acres with tons of deer. We caught them out there recently so the LL, her son and DH went around and posted about every 10 feet around the whole property. Well then they decided to come in by boat...WHAT??? So DH went and posted over there where they were coming in. It really stinks. We just adopted a dog and my 2 boys LOVE to walk him through the hay fields...but now I am too afraid to let them. All this land and to afraid to use, what a shame. I feel ya...but as far as them shooting right near me...I probably would not have brought my gun home...I have a short fuse also. Especially if I catch you lying to me or being disrespectful...that reallllllly ticks me off. I may not have shot them but I sure as heck would have shot their tires out and made them walk. Morons.
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    May 4, 2009
    Smithville, Mo
    Post the signs anyways ...maybe one that reads "Poachers shot on site?" Shooting from their truck is illegal anyways..I would call the law if it hapens again!
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    Call your conservation agent and report them. That's a huge NO NO to them, especially shooting from the road and they will get ticketed and it ain't cheap. In MO if you have purple spray painted on trees/post it's a no hunt area/private.
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    May 4, 2009
    Smithville, Mo
    Wow i didnt know that about Mo! I live North and we bow hunt our property! My hubby needs some rifle land to hunt!
    I call them when everyone dumps carcasses at the end of my road! I tell them you gave the dummies the permits now come clean up the remains!
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