who got that egg?


Jun 2, 2010
Oh darn. My ducks lay in the brush. Finally. (they used to spead it all over the property, or so it seemed)
I saw a pekin laying at her usual spot, a nest in front of a dog kennel. Good thinking! Safe from most predators.
Since I was in a hurry this morning, I was going to pick up the fresh egg this afternoon. Gone. Grhhh.
I doubt I had coons (broad daylight and an assertive dog nearby) I know I did not have stray dogs. Cats don't mess with it. So I will assume that a snake came by. Now here is the stupid question. Shall I put out a new (chicken) egg for the duck when she returns tomorrow? If not, I bet she will be finding a new spot to lay again, and it always takes me a while to catch up with her new hiding spot. What would you do?
(I have no housing for them. They live 'wild' on a large pond)


I Am THE Crazy Duck Lady
11 Years
Jul 9, 2008
I put easter eggs out in suitable spots when i want my hens to continue laying in one spot. I have dog houses for mine, so i dont have the same problem, but when i let my ducks out at 6am when i go for my jog they all go and lay in this one nest in a clump of bushes. I colect the eggs and leave the wooden / easter eggs. I have problems with snakes and currently rats or some small rodent. Good luck! Keep us updated!

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