Who has Andalusians?


12 Years
Apr 13, 2007
This is our first time raising this breed. They are among the most beautiful chickens with great personalities. The question is do they normally lay eggs that are on the smaller side? They are the most prolific of the group but the eggs are medium to small in size. Yes about once a week one of them will lay the extra jumbo but all the others are rather small. Is this normal? This being our second flock raised from chicks I am very pleased with their progress and production I am just wondering if their eggs are normally on the small side:confused:
We have one Blue Andalusian but she hasn't started laying yet. (Hopefully in the next few weeks!) I'm curious what other more experienced chicken folk will say.
My mother has Andalusians and they definitely lay medium size eggs, but their shape is more pointed than the brown egg layers. Her rooster is beautiful but rather on the feisty side.
I have 3 hens and 3 roos. 2 of the hens are laying one just started a couple of days ago and they lay a medium egg so far. The 3 roos are a troublesome bunch and may have to go but I have been catching them and holding them and that is helping. I agree they are beautiful birds I ordered them specifically and then an assortment. My splash Cinderella I did the egg song the other day it was so fun to hear and everone else joined in
Thanks all for the input. They are definately not boring chickens! We have one that will "climb" the fence to lay her eggs inthe goat house. Her wing has been clipped but she will jump as high as she can and flap her wings while nearly upside down and use her feet to climb the last foot and a half to get over the fence. Then after the deed is done she will go back to the run as if nothing "bad" happened.
At first, it seemed like my andalusian hens laid the same size eggs as my orpingtons, but eventually the orp eggs got a bit bigger. I'd say the Andie eggs are medium size, while the orps lay large eggs. Every once in a while, we get an extra large orp egg from one particular hen... so it's possible that you have an Andie hen that lays a large egg every so often.
Andy's lay a very large Medium to an average size large egg-by weight...55-60g More often than not we get right at 60. If your not weighing them you may be fooled to the size as they tend to be longer and narrower than some breeds making them look smaller than they are. If you check the Henerson's chart it does say large as well.
They are fun little things though.We have a bunch of kids about 9 weeks old crowing with the big guys.
Our Andy rooster is also quite the "dancer". He is so much fun to watch! He appears to dance whenever he wants to impress the ladies, as well as to help "round them up" when he wants to steer them away from some perceived danger.

He even started dancing up to people sometimes (when he's feeling particularly impressed with himself), but I tend to discourage this behavior, so he doesn't get too uppity for his own good. He's only ever tried to attack people a few times, and he's such a light-weight that it's nothing to worry about... but I still want him to use good manners, none-the-less.
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All these references to Andy roosters is making me miss mine. He was so sweet and comical, but my neighbors were complaining about the racket (all day long!) so I traded him for an older hen. The vet I traded with said her favorite rooster of all time was an Andalusian and she was thrilled to get him. She's going to breed him with her three females and hopes to show them. At least I can visit...

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