Who has bees coming this spring????


12 Years
Mar 4, 2007
Just wondering who else here has bees coming this spring? 4 weeks and my bees will be showing up!!! I'm getting two packages from Hardeman Apiaries in Georgia.
Italians with Italian Queen

What are you all getting???
ours are coming in April, my sister ordered Russian bees 2 queens to re-queen the 2 colonies we have as well as a 3lb package to start a new hive. I cant wait!!
I have two hives to fill. Where is the best place to order bees? I went to order them, but everyone wanted them to be picked up. Does anyone near Indiana ship them to you? Thanks
It says packages are unavaliable?? Maybe they are already sold out then.....hmmm thank god I put my order in back in December!
I have two packages coming from Rossman Apiaries. They are due first week of May. I ordered mine the first week in January. Bees are selling like chickens this year. Order early or if you are lucky you may find a local beekeeper with nucs to sell.

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