Who has four hens and is new to keeping chickens?


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Apr 28, 2014
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Hi all I have been wanting to keep my own chickens (for fertilizer and eggs) for quite some time now but had to wait till I retired from the Navy. Sure there are people in the Navy that keep chickens but I am a single dad of 2 teen age daughters and was deploying on average 250 days of the year. Not to mention my landlord wouldn't allow me to have pets of any kind much less yard fowl. But that is all behind me now! I just moved to Jacksonville Florida and have been setting up my garden, settling in to my new (to me) home and building my coop/run. All of this culminated in my buying two Ameraucanas and two RIRs today. They are all four supposed to be 3 weeks old pullets and I can't hardly wait to start gathering fresh eggs every day and fertilizing my garden with some awesome compost from my hens.
Things I expect. 1) I expect I will ask a rediculous amount of newbie questions even though I could probably find the answer by searching the boards. 2) I hope to become a valuable resource on here for all of you and not an annoyance. 3) I hope to inspire my friends to follow in my footsteps and start raising some backyard chickens themselves. Thanks for the info I have already gleaned by lurking this page through the powers of google and for all the future help.


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Welcome to BYC!

So glad you could join our community! Nothing better than home grown eggs right from under the hen! Finding that first egg is very EGG-citing! I still get great enjoyment in finding those treasures in the nest boxes years later.

Make yourself at home here on BYC. If you have any questions about anything, that is what we are here for.

Enjoy all your poultry adventures and welcome to our flock!


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Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Congratulations on your new hens, sounds like you will have a nice little flock, hope you get those brown and green eggs soon!

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