Who has house chickens/ducks? anyone?


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May 17, 2008
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Who here has chickens or ducks that stay and live as a pet in your house unless you take them outside to range?

I REALLY want a white silkie but I do not want to put it outside in the coop with my others.
I want him/her primarily as a pet and possiby to show once or twice a year and I've heard they make nice pets temperment wise. I would be willing to make him/her a pen for outside time near my other chickens so he/she could have outside time during the day but at night I want to bring him/her inside....

I think I'm also about to ask about the dreaded chicken diapers too. Are they horribly messy to change? Do they ruin their fuzzy butt feathers?
Should you ideally get a chicken used to wearing one as a chick or can they learn to wear one as an adult too?

Anybody do really weird stuff like take their chickens for walks on a leash or for car rides?!
And I'm really NOT laughing at you I promise, because I'm thinking about these things too!!!

God, what HAS happened to me?!
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Jan 12, 2007
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I have a house chicken...
I also have mostly hardwood floors...I'd go around after them, sweeping up the ploop and using the petstain remover for the splort.
If your chicken is handlable, unlike Obelisk, it will be easier to have the diaper on and be able to use it.
Silkies are more likely to be cuddly and pick-up-able than a loony Leghorn.

I tried walking Obelisk on a leash, but she kept going around the same danged tree...I dropped the leash and let her keep going LOL
Slifer was fine with the diaper and the leash. She was a Standard Brahma/Leghorn mix.


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Jan 20, 2007
I only come as close as to allow my one hen in the back door daily for her slice of cheese.

She has been coming to the back door for over 3 years now, for her daily singles slice of cheese.

She (scary) doesn't get the treat during the winter months here when the flock can't be let out, due to snow and ice, however once spring breaks and the flock is allowed out to free range again, scary is right there at the back door looking for her cheese.

Chickens don't forget, I assure you!

Gotta love those pretty hens!




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Jul 27, 2008
Well, my chicks are in the house for the moment but I dont intend on any of them being house chickens. LOL, though they all would be if my daughter had her say!

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Aug 10, 2008
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My HUSBAND actually asked me today about getting chicken diapers for 2 of our new silkies, because he thinks they would be friendlier and fun if they were in the house some during the day!

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