Who has the best breeding pen setup?


13 Years
Jul 22, 2009
Alapaha, Ga
HI I would like to see some setups of breeding pens with many separate pens all connected together in one row for keeping several breeds of chickens separate.
I'm doing something like what you're asking about, only different. I'm starting to breed four different breeds of bantams, each breeder pen will have a roo and four hens. So today I built the first breeder pen for the BB Reds which looks very similar to this:


When I build the next pen for the Crele bantams the left side of the first pen will be the right side of the second. Then I'll add a third and a forth. The cool thing about this setup is that I built this first pen in a day with all brand new high quality materials for about $75 total. I think the addition of the second pen will cost about $40 dollars total and I should be able to build it in less than a day since, as I said before, the two pen will share one side.

I did make some design changes and will have pics posted in a new thread tomorrow. All I have left to do is put my wire on the doors.
this is our breeding pen for trios or quads......also works for growing out young groups of chicks until they go to the bigger pens.


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