Who Has Used or Uses "Nite Guard"??


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Apr 2, 2010
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A fellow poster on another thread recommended a pest deterrent called Nite Guard. See: http://www.niteguard.com/index.html

many have used this, and what do you think of it? Does it work? Where did you place it? General opinions please? I think it seems like a pretty neat idea, and if it works, then it's totally worth $30. I'd love some testimonials. Thanks!
I have three of them (you need more than one, y'see). I chose 3 to cover 3 sides of my coop & run area, don't need one for the fourth side, because that is only 10 feet from my house.

I think they work, because there ARE raccoons around here, plus a skunk who nests under my land-lady's house. I've seen both wander through my yard B.C. (before chickens). So I bought 3 Nite-Guard units.

No problems with predators since I put them up, in October 2009. I can't say for certain that's the reason, but I think it's pretty significant, given that I used to lose goldfish and Koi in my ponds to raccoons, and now I don't! No signs of 'coon damage to the pond plants, either.

So I think the chickens are receiving the benefit of the Nite Guard units, too.
I don't have one, but I am going to make my own as soon as I get done building my coop and run. The electronics involved are very simple, b/c all you are doing is creating an RC circuit using the LED as the discharge, and any radio shack should carry the parts....I think it will be almost identical to the beeping locator I made years ago for the cone portion of model rockets (got tired of spending hours looking for an off course cone). Anyway, I am also looking forward to hearing other peoples responses to having this device good or bad.

Glad you started the question!

Okay you guys and gals, we know you have them so let's hear from you!
I don't have my chickens, yet. But I do have a pear tree that was down to 21 pears when I got my Nite Guard and I still have 21 pears - it has been about 3 weeks. Last year the racoons got them all.

If nothing else, it may scare off some of the non-wanted locals??
Hope you and the chooks are doing ok in podunk!
It sure seems to work for me, had one for the last year or so, just one, placed facing the coop front and door, low enough it covers the back through the wire. Never had a coon or possum bother the coop. Won't stop snakes though, six or seven this year so far, one had five eggs in it before I removed it and relocated the critter. Don't kill snakes, they keep the mice and rats at bay and I don't begrudge them an egg or two, kind of the "last meal" thing.....I usually take them to my wife's work, it's a tourist attraction and rats and mice are a problem around the utility buildings where they keep animal foods. About 90% of the snakes are yellow rat snakes, quite common in this area. Largest one was about six feet long....man, that's big....

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