Who hatches eggs in the winter???


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Jun 25, 2008
Hannibal, Missouri
I would like to hatch some eggs in the winter and I have a place that can be set up in one of my barns. It would be warm and safe in there. I would like to know how hatching in the winter has worked out for you!
I start my hatching while it's still cold in February. I also do custom hatches for people all winter long. As long as they are in a draft FREE place and have a big enough wattage bulb they do fine.
My DH bought me an incubator last Feb for my birthday this yr. Loved it, became a professional bator......

I started bating in late Feb. I bated and bated and oh my I still have chicks that are only 2 mo old now. If you have the warm area to do it in go for it. But I will tell you one thing by the time I decided to quit bating for this yr, I'm so burn't out on babies, I'm tired!
I think I raised 150 babies this yr at least.

But now I want to go to particular breeds, so now i'm selling all my babies. This has been a chore!!!

So it can be done in the winter, just keep a close on the temp over the chicks!!!
Thanks for all the comments! Does anybody have any more pros and/or cons about hatching in the colder months???
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right now I hve a batam friz siting on 6. started with 3 but nded w/ 6 before I moved her. Oh i;m in NY. it's been cold so I'd be surprised. She insisted so I gave up trying to break her. Due in a few days. She's in a heated room now wi/ heat likght. we'll see.
The great thing about Fall and winter hathed chicks is that you will have egg production before the summer's end. Spring hathed ususally dont lay until about now and it is getting close to winter so production can drop due to that. If you have a good place to brood and then to keep them reasonably warm when winter hits you will be ahead of the game in the spring. I am going to set some eggs the first week of November.

I would not hesitate for a moment if I were you

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